Using Fedrigoni paper and card, design the packaging for a new range of Oliver Bonas SS20 candles. The Tierra mood board informs the narrative of the design, looking at what Mother Earth has to offer. 4 designs that work together as a collective.


YCN Awards 2019/20 - Oliver Bonas X Fedrigoni


Create an eye-catching design that will stand out but be visually soothing. Must include colours from colour palette provided. Emphasis on calm & warm designs.


Female, mid 20's - mid 40's, defined by mindset. High value on health, happiness & wellbeing.


Awarded a certificate of commendation.


My research focused on looking at natural environments and their materials/texture to form a visual for the design.

I then started thinking about how mindfulness/meditation can improve wellness and help with relaxation in our busy lives.

I also looked at how smell is closely related to memories and action, it has a positive effect on our mind. Looking at the emotional benefits for different aromas.


This led me to create a connection between the visual narrative of natural environments which will be enhanced by the smell of the candles and the positive effects that has on emotion, combining that with a meditative technique.


I chose 4 materials to create patterns from:

- Shells
- Leaves
- Feathers

- Rocks


I wanted the illustration style to be simple forms with a rough textured detail. Lending the design to be softer with a soothing personality.

Initial Feathers@300x.png
Initial Shells@300x.png
Initial Rocks@300x.png
Initial Leaves@300x.png
Developed Feathers@300x.png
Developed Shells@300x.png
Developed Rocks@300x.png
Developed Leaves@300x.png


Working further on the pattern placements and using the colour palette provided to create a design that is eye-catching yet soothing.

Experimenting with typefaces and alignments to create a balanced design.

Creating a concertina insert to go with each candle which helps to explain the narrative and the emotional benefits of the aromas. As well as a visual guide to ‘The Candle and the Breath’ meditation.

Screenshot 2021-03-29 at 14.05.59.png

Design Outcome

The design looks at what Mother Earth has to offer through environments and natural materials. This inspired the narrative for each candle to help transport you outdoors. The illustrations are simple, organic shapes with rough minimal details to give a calm, friendly approach to the design. The colour combinations work together in harmony representing earthy tones. The heading typeface is mature and inviting which is underlined with the same stroke used on the illustration to add to the luxurious nature of the product. 


The pop of colour for the bottom of the box helps to highlight the paper choices and will stand out on shelf. The clear glass votive with the cream candle helps to keep a clean, natural feel. Using a wicker candle holder adds to the luxurious and calming nature of the product and will add appeal when the candlelight shines through.

Woodland Walk insert.jpg
Front tag
Back of tag
Mountain mist in situ.jpg